Disco Forklift Truck

Right, its time to move onto beer number four, introducing tonights post on a lockdown beer. The only rules are, its a single pint, bottle or can and you have to be able to get hold of it easily during lockdown.

Tonight I bring you , Disco Forklift Truck, 330 ml and 5.1%. It’s brewed by yet another of the many fantastic Scottish brewers, Drygate Brewery and purchased from Lidl for £1.49 as part of either their now sadly ended British Beer Festival or their Scottish Beer Festival depending on if you live to the South or North of Berwick Upon Tweed.

A classic American Pale Ale, loaded to the gunnels with citrusy hops and mango! Its bold, bringing aromas of mango, with notes of passion fruit and papaya. There is ripe tropical and stone fruits, sweet biscuit and caramel. Its light and dry, with a mild tempering citrusy bitterness.

So, what is it like?

From the can, it pours a lovely Burnished gold. White, foamy head. Taste wise, it’s light and dry, with a mild tempering citrusy bitterness and as with the other beers I have sampled this week, for me could be one to stay on for the night, but always remember to drink responsibly especially at home when beer tasting.

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