It’s all for nothing if you don’t have freedom – Bravehop

OK, I apologise for the Braveheart quote to introduce tonights beer, Bravehop, but tehnically they started it.

Tonight we have  Bravehop, 440 ml and 6%. It’s brewed by another of the many fantastic Scottish brewers, Loch Lomond Brewery and purchased from Lidl for £1.79 as part of their Scottish Beer Festival.

This is a West Coast styled IPA, and remarkably well described when they say it has, marmalade and pine aromas leading in to caramel and apricot flavours. The marmalade aromas would be perfect for its greatest advocate Paddington Bear, but lets not forget the Scotts were credited with creating Mr Browns favourite sandwich filling.

So, what is it like?

Well, from the can, it pours a clear golden beer with a good head on it. Taste wise, it’s a medium bodied, well-carbonated beer with a crisp feel & dry finish that’s well balanced throughout and could be one to stay on for the night, if that’s your thing, but always remember to drink responsibly.

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